brad andersen

Brad Andersen

Brad Andersen has been working in landscape design and construction since 1987. Growing up as the oldest of five children, he took on much of the landscaping responsibilities of his mother's yard, which is how he realized that he not only enjoyed landscape design, but was quite good at it. What started as a hobby shortly became both a passion and a career. Since relocating to Arizona in 1993, he has worked in all aspects of landscaping, from design to installation.

In 1994, Brad started working for a residential and commercial landscape company here in the valley, and became its VP of Design and Construction shortly thereafter. During his time with that company, he perfected his craft. He founded Andersen Land Concepts in He's been with Quantum Landscaping since 2009.

His dedication to great landscapes is shown through his innovative designs which are inspired by what he sees around him. He often travels to other regions to find ways to bring fresh ideas to the desert. Not only creative, he is also committed to excellence regardless of whether he's designing a small patio behind a townhouse or the extensive grounds of a Paradise Valley estate.

Outside of designing and installing beautiful landscapes, Brad can be found playing and working at home. His family is a high priority and he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children in a number of different activities, such as bowling on the Wii, traveling, and working on projects around the house. As a sound design major in college, he is still passionate for music and loves spending time in his home studio.